The Kidnapping of Symptoms: On Porn and More and More
APPI Clinical Seminar with Rik Loose

Saturday 19 March 2016.
10:00 – 13:00
Carmelite Centre, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

In this seminar I will argue how science has been one of the main causes of our culture of visibility and how pornography is one of the by-products of this effect of science. Other developments, such as capitalism and psychoanalysis, have contributed to the erosion of the symbolic and this erosion, together with our culture of visibility, have exposed the subject to the illusion of being able to represent the Real of sexuality, but also to the illusion that our bodies can be regulated by the lure of images and jouissance producing gadgets. I hope to demonstrate that these developments have consequences for how we experience our bodies and that psychoanalysis must have an effect on the latter.

Rik Loose is a member of the NLS (New Lacanian School), ICLO-NLS (Irish circle of the Lacanian Orientation of the NLS), the WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis) and the APPI. He is a Senior Lecturer in DBS School of Arts and he works in private psychoanalytic practice.

Price: Students: €10, APPI members: €15, Non APPI members: €20