08.45 – 18.00, Saturday 21 November 2015.
Carmelite Centre, Aungier St. Dublin 2.

2015 Congress Programme

Keynote Address by Leonardo Rodriguez.

“One of the paradoxical claims Lacan makes about perversion is that while it may sometimes present itself as a no-holds-barred, jouissance-seeking activity, its less apparent aim is to bring the law into being: to make the Other as law (or law-giving Other) exist. […] The pervert does not desire as a function of the law – that is, does not desire what is prohibited. Instead, he has to make the law come into being.”
Bruce Fink, 2003

Programme image courtesy of Abigail O’Brien:
Black Bella 2006, Edition of 1 + 1ap, Lambdachrome colour photograph under museum glass, 130 x 90 cm.