APW Study Weekend on Seminar IV: Object Relations

Saturday and Sunday 5 – 6 July 2014. 10:00 – 17:30.

Price: €50 (2 days); €35 (1 day); €40/25 (student w/id)
Location: Independent Colleges, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

This unique international 2-day event is taking place on July 5-6 2014 in Dublin, sponsored by APPI and APW (Affiliated Psychoanalytic workgroups). We will explore and discuss the extraordinary diversity of clinical and conceptual themes in Lacan’s 4th Seminar on ‘Object Relations.’ Some of the themes covered include phobia, fetishism, perversion, hysteria, the phallus, the status of the ‘object’ and the object ‘relation’ as well as rich elaborations of Freud’s cases of Little Hans, Dora and the Young Homosexual Woman. The weekend’s activities are comprised of a wide variety short and long papers, two roundtable discussions and throughout the Weekend the emphasis will be on discussion and participation.